Desiree Delgado is a photographer and digital artist from Spain.

Cartoonist since childhood, discovered photography in 2008, when she received for her birthday a Nikon DSLR. In a totally self-taught method, she started her own "365 days" project on Flickr, and reached an unexpected success. Mixing her drawing skills with photographs in Photoshop, she found her own style of photomanipulation, especially in self-portraits between reality and dreams, influenced by films, comics, medieval fantasy and science fiction, and getting work with multiple companies and publishers for more than 10 years, and to publish her own book about creativity and photomanipulation for the spanish publishing ANAYA.

In her eagerness to continue learning, during the covid-19 pandemic she finished a Master in Concept Art for film and video games at Trazos School, and is currently a tattoo artist apprentice in her city of residence.

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